Dear Sister Anthology


My writing journey has been full of unexpected detours.  One such detour is an exercise in healing I undertook over three years ago. To write and submit a piece to an anthology for survivors of sexual assault.  The appeal of the Dear Sister anthology was that it aimed to be a tool of healing,  a tool that both survivors and allies of survivors could contribute to and have their voices heard, respected and believed.  In the early months of 2014, Dear Sister accomplished this very goal.

The piece of writing I contributed to this project does not reflect the genre or niche in which I envision to establish myself. Nonetheless, it is my writing and an important piece of my writing. The process of writing this piece moved me further along the journey to connect to the passion that drives me to communicate important messages with people who value building healthy and connected communities.

If this topic is important to you, your family, the people who you educate or engage with for healthy living and life free from past traumas, please check it out.  Dear Sister is currently engaged in a North American launch tour. You can find more information on tour dates and events on their Facebook page.  And you can contact AK Press directly to order a copy (or several!) for your community building purposes!

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