Community Requires Movement

Movement is what makes us unique and often what unites us with the people we spend our days with. It gives us the opportunity to not only connect with others but more importantly with ourselves. Movement is our constant reminder that our body is a complex mechanism designed for creativity & expression. It teaches us that we are alive. It makes us human again (I say again because some of us have forgotten to move). – Jian Pablico co-owner of Distrikt Movement

One of the most frustrating things to happen while making change is when everything stops. Or worse, the same conversations and problems repeatedly take place with no break-through.  In this instance, it is important to acknowledge the stagnation and shift the conversation to strategies that breathe new life into the cause.

Shifting from complaining about problems to analyzing their causes and how to affect change allows mental stretching to begin.  Like the body stretching before a workout becomes reacquainted with its muscles; moving beyond the complaining allows the cause to be reacquainted with its vision. Identifying where your collective needs momentum, where it needs creativity, and where it needs new ways of expression results in moving forward.  This also requires accountability in the form of an action plan.  With a clear action plan in place, stagnation is avoided. Instead of returning to a point of complaining about recurring problems, the conversation is about accountability: What was done? What wasn’t done?  What tasks need a different approach? How do we move forward?

Movement leads to progression. Task-oriented approaches linked to accountability elicit results. Results encourage people to continue to invest their time in the work. When people feel part of a cause with momentum, vision and focus, they are energized to continue making a difference. Community building can be tireless work. Take the time stretch, exercise creativity and remember that the life that exists within the cause needs to be nurtured.

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